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The Alternative Beach Cottages would like to formally welcome and invite you to visit our establishment for the full El Nido beach experience. We are honor-bound of giving you the best kind of service that we could give you a most memorable vacation. As such, your stay in Tabunan Beach, where the Alternative Beach Cottages is situated, would be a lavish sojourn bridled with exclusivity and luxury that a secluded beach resort could provide you with.

Here, with us, you will experience the genuine beach resort treatment: wake up from the crashing of waves at the seashore; breathe in the clean, fresh air from unpolluted surroundings; and unwind to the peaceful and serene ambiance of the resort. Know full well that you can see for yourself the white-sand beaches of El Nido, Palawan; the untouched wildlife (even turtles on rare moments); colorful corals during snorkeling adventures; mysterious and dark caves; and the wonderful services that our establishment has to offer. With this, the Alternative Beach Cottages would be eager to impress you with our impeccable menu, which features impressive vegetarian dishes to organic food; the flexible island bar for those requiring the need for some alcohol-induced entertainment; and our pleasant and experience staff.

For those feeling the need to experience the more adventurous side of El Nido, the Alternative Beach Cottages offer island tours for those people interested of discovering secret beaches and swimming around mysterious lagoons. With this, we make arguably one of the best barbeque lunches during these tours so make sure to book for some when you come to visit! It is our job to make your stay memorable and pleasant in El Nido, and by extension, your stay in the Philippines!

In our island, we provide basic services for a secure and pleasant stay on the island, like: electric service from 4:00PM to 9:00AM for your electronics; free Wi-Fi internet service; round-the-clock staff service; and housekeeping services. As mentioned before, one of the resort’s main attractions would be its full-functioning restaurant services: breakfast, lunch and dinner (or any meal in particular). Also, all guests are granted access to the island bar and drinks. Other activities include but not limited to: kayak services, island hopping and tour, mountain trekking, snorkeling services, cave spelunking and El Nido town (or fishermen village) visitations.

With this, the Alternative Beach Cottages would only aim to give you the best of what El Nido has to offer, and as a family-run business, make a personal and pleasant impression to our guests regarding their stay in the country.